Reduce Stress, Relieve Pain, Increase Energy, Function Better

I’m Diana Doty, DC. I help people with busy, stressful lives feel empowered to be better and healthier versions of themselves. Instead of drugs or surgery, let’s use a safe, personalized and natural approach to feeling and looking better. What do you need help with?

Got Stress?Try SynergySMT

Try this awesome brain-balancing program you can use at home that takes little to no work and less than half an hour. It is similar to meditation, but designed for people who feel like they should always be getting something accomplished, or who can’t shut off their distracting monkey brain.

Got Pain?scoli xray

Tired of temporary relief? Try this brain-based program for long-term control of physical discomfort. Noxious stimuli may be felt by the body, but pain is interpreted in the brain. Retraining the brain’s wired response to chronic pain changes the emotional component, which changes the experience. 

Got Weight?
Healthy Weight, Weight Loss Program, Synergy Holistic Health

Why is it so difficult for some of us to eliminate unwanted body weight? Why do we have such strong cravings for our favorite foods, eat when we’re stressed, and experience negative emotions when we look in the mirror?  What if you didn’t have to answer any of these questions, because they no longer applied to you?

Are you ready to feel awesome and face life with renewed vitality?