I’m Diana Doty, DC. I help people with busy, stressful lives feel empowered to be better and healthier versions of themselves. Instead of drugs or surgery, let’s use a safe, personalized and natural approach to feeling and looking better. Which do you need help with?

Got stress?20150311_182506

I’d love to indulge you in a free trial of SynergySMT, our awesome brain-balancing program you can use at home that takes little to no work and less than half an hour. It’s is similar to meditation, but designed for people who feel like they should be getting something accomplished, or who can’t shut off their distracting monkey brain (…squirrel!!!).

Got pain?scoli xray

Tired of temporary relief? Let me guide you in a customized holistic program for long-term freedom from physical discomfort.  Plans usually include posture training and specific exercises to take the stress off of muscles and joints, retraining the brain’s wired response to chronic pain, and nutrition for wellness. We do plans for kids, too.

Got cellulite?

Why is it difficult to eliminate cellulite with diet and exercise? Why do slim people have cellulite? Hint: it’s not fat…it’s toxins. Our detoxifying body wrap treatments are non-invasive, require no sweating, and most people see inch loss in 1 treatment. Great for easier weight loss, tightening loose skin, or facing that slinky dress with self-confidence.

Are you ready to feel and look awesome and face life with renewed vitality? Call me to discuss how I can help you meet your wellness goals: 918-392-1913. I do my best to answer the phone evenings and weekends, but if you don’t get through, feel free to shoot me a text message at that number.