Why do kids need Synergy?


Kids developing spinal problems don’t usually complain about pain so we have to pay careful attention to their behavior. Is your infant only nursing on one side? When you look at your baby’s bottom, do you see more creases on one side than the other? Does your baby prefer to scoot rather than crawl? Does your toddler get frequent ear infections or pull on the earlobes? Does your child have a clumsy streak, or poor coordination with sports? Does one side of the hem of your child’s clothing hang longer than the other? Does your child tend to slouch or slump? All of these are signs that your child needs a check up with Dr. Diana.

Kids also respond incredibly quickly to quality nutritional intervention. For kids who have a traumatic history and are prone to melt-downs, anxiety, or other symptoms of PTSD, we offer powerful tools to use at home to help them get back in control.

Make an appointment for your child the same way you’d make one for yourself, just give us a call! You can also request a consult to see if we could help your child. When kids and parents get a plan together, we can offer special pricing for family plans. Synergy is a good option for families with SoonerCare; since SoonerCare doesn’t cover any chiropractic anywhere in Oklahoma, and we don’t take insurance, we keep our costs down and can have lower prices with great quality.