We offer our patients the best quality drinking water at every visit. We feel that we have a responsibility to let our patients know that tap water and bottled water are not good enough, we believe our patients are worth the best hydration out there!

Our water has some major differences from typical water including:

  • Antioxidant (other waters are aging, rather than anti-aging)
  • Alkalized (absorbs quicker without interrupting digestion)
  • Clean (chemicals in tap water that can disrupt metabolism and irritate the throat and upper respiratory system are removed)

If you’ve never heard of this water, you need to come by and learn more about it! Contact us for more info. We welcome the curious and the skeptical alike!

The Kangen Water technology also produces waters which can be used for various planet-friendly, money-saving purposes, including cooking, skincare, sanitizing, laundry, and cleaning, all from one machine. Ask about our Kangen Water Facial, a pampering spa service using different types of Kangen Water. For those who are picky about what goes on their skin and tired of reading unpronounceable ingredients, having a facial with nothing but water is a very empowering experience!

You can check our Facebook Page or our schedule of events for our next live demonstration of how Kangen Water really works, and how it compares to what you’re drinking now. All of our live events come with the opportunity to try a free sample of the water for yourself and your family.

Call for more details and for a free sample: 918-392-1913.