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527778_4068843363044_1023191783_n“I won a certificate in a raffle for an EFT session with Emily Ashley. Not knowing what it was about, I looked up some videos so I could know what to expect. I can say, while watching a video can prepare you for what to expect physically, it will not prepare you for the emotional release you will experience.

Some people will call EFT “tapping” because that is what you physically do. Tap, tap, tap on different areas of your body. I didn’t expect much, but within just a few minutes of tapping and repeating the affirmations Emily spoke to me, I began to experience waves of images in my head and emotions I thought were long gone! This technique, for me, “tapped” into the root of many issues I was experiencing at the time. It was an amazing release of negativity that was replaced by positive affirmations. I would say EFT would be perfect for the person who knows there is an underlying issue to the problems they face but can’t quite figure it out.

Emily was very calming. She listened closely to what I said and was able to guide me to the root of my particular issue. I can honestly say, in the 11 months since my EFT session with Emily, I have not experienced the same issues I was at the time.”

-Adonia Hendrix, 38, Administrative Assistant & Mother

Candice Silva

“In my session with Emily for E.F.T., I experienced a release of emotion that I had attached to occurrences in my lifetime, some of which I had been unaware of the lasting effects. Emily facilitated a neutralization of these as well as offered me new thoughts of wholeness and forgiveness to replace the old thought patterns. She provides a comfortable setting and offers her naturally accepting and nurturing heart to the session.”  -Candice Silva, 33, Home Business Owner & Mother



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